Sunday, 12 April 2009

Being a Mum Again

My boy is finally here with us. We've been busy but I'm not complaining. But we've also been worried and stressed out because he was in the hospital for 7 days for chest infection. He's getting better now, thank God.

People have been really supportive and very kind. The nurses at the hospital were great! The doctors were really good.

This may sound really weird - but it feels really peaceful being right in front of my laptop right now, typing away. It feels really relaxing. I haven't done this in ages...I've missed it. Life seems to have become so busy and fast for the last six weeks. No, don't get me wrong. I am not complaining. Seeing my child very ill and being at the hospital was so worrying and stressful. I want him to enjoy being with us and to be happy, jolly and healthy. But as soon as he got here, he was unwell. It felt really bad. I am only a human being and I get tired and now I'm 'typing-away' my woes so I hope you bear with me.

I haven't even told you about our trip to the Philippines and how enjoyable it was...and how sad it was to leave all my great friends and family. I will share with you all and of course show you the best photographs. Husband and I spent wonderful days and evenings with very good friends Ninang Ruby, Ninong Zal and their lovely children, Ninang Jill, Ninong Joe and Anton, and our good (I mean great!) old friends at WHO where I used to work. I'm missing them all. I really feel bad about not seeing my other friends whom I haven't seen for many years. We didn't have enough time to see everybody and I know some of them may have felt bad (we call it 'tampo' in the Philippines) and may have thought we did it on purpose but the truth is we didn't. If we were there for a longer period, we would have seen all of them, but we were there only for 2 weeks. But then, there will be a next time. Hopefully next time will be a better time and we will be able to see everyone. We may even get together for a really big posh party, who knows? So for now, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

In the meantime, I'd like to enjoy being a Mum again. Having J around is bliss. It's nice. I am looking forward to seeing he has fully recovered and that he is so much better.

Will keep you posted.