Thursday, 30 October 2008

Blackpool and B&B

Blackpool, LANCS. - After taking me to Fleetwood, my husband and I went to Blackpool. We didn't know that the Illuminations had started so we've decided to stay there for the night so husband could show me what the Illuminations were like. We opted to stay in a B&B (Bed and Breakfast). We knew that B&Bs have the homely-feel, if you know what I mean. I like the atmosphere in B&Bs. Sadly, we were both disappointed when we went into our room. It was so small (well, what do we expect? B&B rooms are really small!) but the fact that it was the 'family room' that was given to us due to it being fully booked really shocked us! Although, the good thing about this place is that the hosts were absolutely amazing - friendly and hospitable. People seem to enjoy their company that's why they keep coming. The dining room was filled with thank you cards from all over the country. I bet they come because of the 'true Lancashire hospitality' that you experience in the place. The lady of the house, Linda, introduced us to other guests when we had tea at the bar before we went to bed. In the morning, she made sure we were welcomed and we felt at ease and at home. That's what you don't get when you go to a posh hotel, I guess.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Fish and Chips in Fleetwood

Fleetwood, LANCS. - To be honest, I am not very fond of fish and chips, unless I am starving. But in Fleetwood, you wouldn't want to miss their fish and chips. I don't know exactly how they do it, but the fish doesn't seem to be soaked in fat (cooking oil), it doesn't come dripping...and the chips are just exactly right! So, when hubby and I were in Lancashire and were done with the errand that we were there for, we drove to Fleetwood and had a lovely fish and chips. I wouldn't miss it for the world when in Lancashire! The photo on top was the meal I had whilst in Fleetwood. that was fish, chips, curry sauce and mushy peas! It was so yummy!!!!
Come and have some with me!
Ooops, sorry....couldn't wait!!!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Lancashire Tour in Autumn

The very cozy room at Premier Inn. Hubby and I were more than happy. The very clean, shiny bath, complete with liquid soap. Far more better than B&Bs.
The Wigan County Court
Wigan, LANCS. - Hubby and I were off to Lancashire to get some important documents for his son Jimmy. We were off at 3 p.m. and got to Wigan, after perhaps a hundred drive-arounds to find a place to stay, at 10 p.m. We finally found a place after so many phone calls to B&Bs which were all 'fully-booked' that night. We ended up getting a better place and a better deal with Premier Inn. But since there wasn't any more room available except one room for the disabled, we opted to get it. It was a nice, cozy room. We both had a nice, peaceful rest. In the morning, we were off to the Wigan County Court. I'm sharing with you some photos here.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Are you ready for winter?

Mood: Glad it's Saturday!
If you are in the Philippines, you are probably experiencing rain right now. In America, some of my friends say it's now getting chilly. Here where I am, it varies each day. Today, although it is sunny, the wind is quite cold. I can no longer wear a plain T-shirt just to put rubbish in the bin out of the door. I have to wear something thick.
So, are you ready for another big freeze? I am no longer dreading winter like two years ago. In fact, I am looking forward to wearing boots, gloves and coat. I have now learned how to layer my clothing. I have learned that if I wear layered thin tops, rather than a single thick jumper, I will be warmer. So, I want to think I am ready for the big freeze this year. I like feeling the cold wind on my skin. As long as I'm all bundled up, I don't mind. In fact, for some reason, it helps me to get rid of my headache when it is cold. I just go out, get some cold fresh air and in half an hour, my headache is gone. Without paracetamols. Or Aspirin. So, I am not really worried about it being cold. What I am dreading is the effect of not seeing the sun much. It is the winter blues I am worried about. Hopefully, it will not be as bad as when I first came to England more than two years ago. I think the trick is to keep your mind off it. Perhaps it's more psychological. Perhaps if my mind gets busy, I will be OK. I was better last year. I didn't cry much. I didn't get stroppy much. And hubby said I was a lot better so I guess I will believe it.
This year, I hope that the lesser amount of sunlight entering my eyes don't affect me much. I am looking forward to taking photographs and capturing winter memories once again. I am looking forward to walking on snowy pathways and look back at my footprints in the snow. Yes, I know, I am shallow. But winter, to me, is another beautiful season. So, yes, I want to look forward to it.
Ummmm, errrr, I mean, I am looking forward to it.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Am I addicted?

Mood: In a very happy mood today. It is getting cold but I don't know why, I like it. Ha! I've got some sort of illness. No, maybe it isn't that bad. Perhaps it's a syndrome. Yes, maybe that's what one may call it. Wait. No, it's not that serious really. Wait. Yes, I think it is. Maybe it's some sort of an addiction. But nothing serious. Just a little bit. Yes, maybe that's it. Okay, okay, woman, stop beating around the bush! Just say it! Alright, alright. Here's the thing. I think I am addicted to books. Yes, I am getting worried about it now. Or am I really? No, not worried-worried, just concerned-worried. Some say each one of us has some kind of an obsessive-compulsive behaviour. With some people, it is quite obvious but with some, it doesn't show very much. So perhaps mine doesn't show very much. Or perhaps it does if you would look at my bank account and you see how often I go to the bookshop!!! You see, when I go to a bookshop, almost without fail, I always buy a book that I like. Then when I get home, I put it by my bedside and read the 'Introduction' or the 'Acknowledgments' but never really get to reading the book. The book is put to one side, I go back to the bookshop again when I get the chance, see something that I like and almost with a feeling of some urgent need, I buy a new book, get home and the same thing happens. 'Ey, don't get me wrong. I do get to read some of them, after awhile, then really finish them from cover to cover...but it takes awhile for me to do that. So the books pile up. Hubby did not let me carry all of my books back home and I agreed as they were too heavy to put in my luggage. But over the last two years, the books that I have got here in England have piled up. I have noticed a few days ago that they have just accumulated so badly that the bookshelf that I have in the bedroom isn't enough anymore to hold them all. So some of them have to stay in a box by the bed. So, tell me, is this some sort of a syndrome that I need to see a Doctor for? Seriously, I am not worried. Because the books that I get are really good. I think this is something that got carried over from college. Yes, maybe. Maybe I'm a bookworm. No, I don't think so. Am I? Oh, God! No, I'm not! Hhhmmmm....I think I better stop writing down my thoughts or you might think I'm nuts! But before I go...would you like to have a look at the bookshelf I told you about? Here's a preview:

Like I told you, the books are almost everywhere so I now have to keep some of them in a box next to my bed. Here they are:

A special PS: To my friends - please do not worry. The truth is I haven't been to the bookshop for a month now. Plus - I don't have a credit card so I am not putting myself into debt for the sake of books. Just thought I'd write something funny today.

PS 2: But the photos are real.