Awards & Interviews

I've received friendship and blog awards in the past but sadly, I wasn't able to save all of them or it may have slipped my mind to post about them.  So, to avoid that from happening again, I thought I'd create this page to put them all together and thank the ever-so lovely bloggers who kindly gave me the awards.  You can click on the links too to visit their blogs and see how truly wonderful they are!

Thank you, Deirdra Eden Coppel

Thank you, Alison Stevens for this!

Thank you, Ann!

Thank you, LadyJai!

Thank you, Deniz!

Thank you, Tanya of Life's Like That!

Thank you Margo Kelly!

Thank you, Deniz!

Thank you J.L. Campbell on The Character Depot!

Thank you Glynis Smy!

My Blog Interviews (please click on the titles to get to the link)

On reading books over at Deirdra Coppel's A Storybook World