Sunday, 31 August 2008

Sorbetes in Norfolk!

I've lived in Norfolk now for more than 2 years...I can't remember NOT seeing ice cream all year. I may be wrong but this is only my observation. Maybe ice cream shops are close during the peak of winter - I will check on that when winter comes! In the Philippines, we drink extremely hot coffee during the summer for 'merienda' (snacks or mid-afternoon mini-meal), here in England, people love ice cream, yes, even if it's cold. Hubby loves ice cream any time of the year. Yes, people, he doesn't mind eating ice cream during the winter! So, sharing with you a photograph taken with friends Jemi and Orren and hubby looking on as Jemima gets her ice cream at Norwich City Centre.

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Interested in going to a University?

My husband has always admired young people who work their way up to University, no matter how challenging and expensive it is. My friend, Anne, who has finished a 4-year bachelor’s degree in the Philippines has decided to get another course, this time she wants to be a Registered Nurse and this time here in the United Kingdom. She has now been accepted at a highly reputable University in the South of England. Why, you might ask. So I say, why not? It’s another feather in her cap. I admire Anne for this. She is a dreamer...and when you have a dream, just go for it. School is about to open in the United Kingdom and there’s a lot of opportunities out there. We all just have to be on the look out. Interested? Listen to this - I have just found out that the University of Bedfordshire will be recruiting students onto their courses from the 14th of August 2008 via the clearing process. To offer support and advice to those who are interested, the University of Bedfordshire’s Clearing team will be on standby from the 14th August 2008! They will be answering questions about anything you want to know in getting the right course for you! With an opportunity like this, I don’t think you should wait! I have got the contact number for you! Contact the Clearing Team at 0800 013 0925 about the University of Bedfordshire -Clearing 2008 Don’t miss the chance!

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Let's DIY!

A month or so ago, hubby and I got fed up of looking for the perfect bed for our boy. We looked everywhere and there wasn't any bed that we liked. They all cost so much and yet they didn't look as strong as we would expect them to be. But maybe we were looking for something that will last a lifetime. We were looking for something different from the wooden bed we used to have that just suddenly fell apart - and to think that when the middle broke, we were asleep!!! Okay, enough of that as you might imagine something else.
Above photos show the DIY bed that we have finally decided to get. It didn't cost a fortune and by the looks of it, it is strong enough to last for years. Hubby and I assembled it last month to get it ready for our boy. It was very easy to do and boy it looked really good when we finished.
Do you like DIYs? I do but not all of them. Not all DIY items are good. Some of them are just rubbish. Take for example the DIY desks and shelves. I don't think they will stay the same when you try to move them around the house. Some will just fall apart when you lift them up. But with this, I think we've made the right choice!

Saturday, 23 August 2008

For my dear Ruby

This blog is for an amazing friend, my dear Ruby Calampiano. Bie, do you remember those times when you'd give me European travel magazines or you taking me to travel agencies so we could get the latest copies of their European travel brochures? I do. I remember looking at those photographs, the Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, the River Thames. Little did I know that one day I'd be married to someone who lives where these places are based. Little did I know that one day I'd be here to see these places which remind me so much of you.

I used to dream of the two of us with our families travelling the world. I still dream of us together. I know it won't be like the old times anymore when we would be working late, when we would have late dinner then whether or not it was a Friday, we would be sitting in front of the TV watching a very good film until the wee hours of the morning.

Bie, this is to thank you for your friendship. For all those times when you were there for me. For the years that you mentored me and made me a good HR Analyst. For the years that we attended SOMM which practically was like having a 'life manual.' For those very nice long chats about the books we have read or films we have seen or life and life's lessons. I cannot thank you enough, Bie. You are like a sister to me.

So let me just say, this is for the dream for us to be together again.

Top Photo: The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben taken on the boat whilst cruising the River Thames.
2nd Photo: The London Eye (Pardon me, I think I misspelled the 'Eye' and made it 'Eyes' so I've corrected it now.
3rd Photo: Harrods
Bottom Photo: The Tower Bridge

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Sheringham's Charm Part 2

Top Photo - A nice little hotel
Middle Photo - The Lobster Pub and Restaurant for the family, including dogs!
Bottom Photo - Hubby walking along the coastal footpath going to the town centre of Sheringham

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Sheringham's Charm Part 1

The tranquil sea...
There's one place that hubby loves in Norfolk. Sheringham. The sound of the seawaves. The long stretch of beach. Families getting together, joking and laughing. Birds trying to get your fish and chips. Ships from afar. Shops. Ice cream during winter. Name it. Sheringham has got it!
More photos to come!!!

Sunday, 17 August 2008

You are loved...

Mood: Well-rested. Spent the weekend with husband! For those who do not know, I am a member of the on-line group called NTPhil which stands for New Thought Philippines. Each day, I receive an email from the group with lots of all things positive. Although I do not read most of them everyday, I save them in the folder or sometimes even delete them altogether - yes I am so guilty of this. But today for some reason, I opened one of the emails and clicked on a link that showed me a wonderful 1-minute film called 'Has Anyone Told You?' I was deeply touched by it so I want to share it with you. It is a beautiful reminder that we are all loved. That no matter how painful it is with any of us at any given moment, we are being cared for and looked after by the Universe. So friends, this is to tell you, that you are loved. Please give yourself a chance to see a very lovely film, it only takes a a minute or two to see the entirety, please click here. To a dear fellow NT student and Moderator, Victoria Suarez, thank you for sharing this wonderful film. May you be blessed.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

The Beauty of Hunstanton

This is the beautiful Hunstanton, my favourite place of all in Norfolk. Hubby and I took our dear friends Ed and Karla there last month. It was a pity that we weren't able to take dear friends Jemi and Orren. Above is a photo of us (Ed, Karla and myself) in front of a fish and chips shop overlooking the sea. The town centre is actually on top of the hill and when you're on top, sipping a cup of tea, it is lovely looking down watching all the birds and the kids playing. I tell you, it is such an amazing place.
This photo (above) was taken from the seafront.
Another lovely photo, a scene from the top of the hill. This is what you see when you're enjoying the heat of the sun and having your piping hot fish and chips. PS: I dedicate this post to a very very dear friend of mine, Wen Ahles. This is for all the phone calls we've had talking about Hunstanton and our dream of going there and writing our manuscript by the sea. This is for that dream that I know will come true.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Morning Mist

These photos were taken last week at 7:00 a.m. whilst I was waiting for the bus going to work. We live near the sea and very often the whole place is covered with mist coming from the sea. It is quite scary if you are driving. It can also get very cold.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

On spywares and computers...

Mood: Woke up at 9:30 a.m., had breakfast in bed with hubby...feeling well-rested and relaxed.
About two weeks ago, husband phoned me at work telling me something weird was happening with our desktop. He said it's been infected by thousands of viruses. I said that's impossible. We've got Norton Anti-virus installed. When I got home, I checked it. A spyware has entered my computer and installed itself! Norton Anti-virus was giving a notification that it has blocked the spyware but why it was able to install itself, I don't know. Tell you what, I think Norton is useless!
Anyways, this spyware is called Antivirus2008. I wrote this entry to warn you my fellow bloggers and internet users about the Antivirus2008 spyware. Please be aware that this is not - repeat, this is NOT an anti-virus like it says it is. It disguises itself as anti-virus tool. It is a spyware that has an unknown publisher. It is a misleading application that gives exaggerated reports of threats on your computer. It runs itself each time you switch your computer on and it is difficult to remove from the hard drive. I followed each and every step available onthe internet but nothing worked. The only thing that I think will work is to reformat the PC which is downright annoying and very much a hassle!
My desktop was an Acer Aspire with only 512MB memory. It's not a very powerful computer but I developed an attachment to it. I've had it only for more than a year! Hubby didn't want me to take it to an Engineer to have it reformatted and had been thinking of getting me a new computer anyway so he got me a Compaq Presario, 2GB RAM, with a 17" screen, with 3 USB ports. I was so happy! I always thought that Compaqs were good. But surprise, surprise! In less than 10 days, the two USB ports to the right were malfunctioning! I couldn't do anything!!!!! Couldn't print, couldn't connect to the internet, couldn't use the mouse, nada! Arrrgghhh!!!! I spent almost all night trying to fix it and perhaps spent a fortune calling the PC World Help Line to get instructions from the Tech guys. I got fed up and went back to the shop the following morning and returned the laptop. Hubby didn't want another Compaq to replace the defective one so I looked around and picked a Sony Vaio instead. This time, it is better! Although it is equipped with only a 15" screen, I like it better. A lot lot better. And yes, all the four USB ports are working! I think I should be thankful that the Compaq was faulty as this gave me the chance to get a better one!
Now, going back to my old PC, I wish I had a different Anti-virus in my system. I now have MacAfee and it is working very well. What I like most about it is that when I surf the net, it tells me the harmful downloads in each website. It has a Site Advisor. I think that once my 3-month trial period expires, I will get a 12-month subscription to keep my laptop safe. God knows what's lurking in cyberspace. My old PC is now in the shed. A few days ago, I asked hubby to take it out of the shed and put it in the front living room so I could reformat it and get it working again. The computer was covered with an old blanket to protect it from dust and what have you. Hubby didn't realise that the blanket was hanging down and he tripped! The desktop flew into the air and crashed on the ground. Meanwhile, hubby got stung by nettle around the shed. He's ok but the poor desktop wasn't. It's back in the shed and I haven't seen it yet. Although I have got a beautiful laptop, I don't think I will have the heart to look at my poor old desktop shattered in pieces!

Top Photo - the Compaq Presario that I got first. It is sleek and elegant-looking. Shiny black in colour. If it wasn't faulty, I would have kept it.

Bottom Photo - the Sony Vaio that I have now. It is quite smaller and doesn't look as elegant but it is very good. It is lighter and easier to carry around. It's got clearer screen and no pre-installed rubbish that slows down the system. Very good choice. I would recommend it.

Sony, get me an opp and I will write a very good review about you and this laptop!!! Umm, wait, I just did!

PS: I just want this to be clear, although I have signed up with PayPerPost, this is not a paid advertisements for MacAfee and Sony, this is purely based on what I have experienced. PayPerPost so far hasn't given me any opportunities yet!!!