Sunday, 28 September 2008

Has the world gotten small?

Warning: If you are not in the mood to listen to someone whining and moaning, don't read. Mood: A little bit fed up.
Saturday: Hubby took me to Fakenham. My first time there. It wasn't grand but something new to me as we are always in Norwich and sometimes I just feel like the world has gotten so small that I only get to see Norwich, Norwich, and Norwich. Sunday: You guessed it right - Norwich. Well, we went to the tip to chuck some rubbish for recycling (yes, we're trying to be a little bit environment-friendly) then headed to Asda in, hold your breath, yes - Norwich.
Home now. Yes, home. So nice to sit on the couch, by the fire, watching Mr Bean on Holiday.
For the whole week, it's going to be Norwich again. Monday to Friday.
I want to think there's life after 5-days of Norwich. Is it Norwich driving me mad or is it just me?

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