Saturday, 18 October 2008

Are you ready for winter?

Mood: Glad it's Saturday!
If you are in the Philippines, you are probably experiencing rain right now. In America, some of my friends say it's now getting chilly. Here where I am, it varies each day. Today, although it is sunny, the wind is quite cold. I can no longer wear a plain T-shirt just to put rubbish in the bin out of the door. I have to wear something thick.
So, are you ready for another big freeze? I am no longer dreading winter like two years ago. In fact, I am looking forward to wearing boots, gloves and coat. I have now learned how to layer my clothing. I have learned that if I wear layered thin tops, rather than a single thick jumper, I will be warmer. So, I want to think I am ready for the big freeze this year. I like feeling the cold wind on my skin. As long as I'm all bundled up, I don't mind. In fact, for some reason, it helps me to get rid of my headache when it is cold. I just go out, get some cold fresh air and in half an hour, my headache is gone. Without paracetamols. Or Aspirin. So, I am not really worried about it being cold. What I am dreading is the effect of not seeing the sun much. It is the winter blues I am worried about. Hopefully, it will not be as bad as when I first came to England more than two years ago. I think the trick is to keep your mind off it. Perhaps it's more psychological. Perhaps if my mind gets busy, I will be OK. I was better last year. I didn't cry much. I didn't get stroppy much. And hubby said I was a lot better so I guess I will believe it.
This year, I hope that the lesser amount of sunlight entering my eyes don't affect me much. I am looking forward to taking photographs and capturing winter memories once again. I am looking forward to walking on snowy pathways and look back at my footprints in the snow. Yes, I know, I am shallow. But winter, to me, is another beautiful season. So, yes, I want to look forward to it.
Ummmm, errrr, I mean, I am looking forward to it.


Makis said...

Our bodies are really amazing no? How it can adapt & learn. I've never really experienced living in a place where it snows during winters. Here in the South of France, we're still wearing shirts in the afternoons & sweaters in the mornings & evenings :)But I can feel the intensity of the morning & evening chill increase by the day so it's time to get the heaters running. Hope you're doing great, Len! (Time so speed no? It's your 3rd winter na!)

Karla said...

Hi sis! I'm glad you're not dreading winter anymore. Isa pa, Winter Fashion is FABULOUS! The Coat, gloves, scarves, boots etc etc!

Like you, I have now perfected the art of layering. Hehehe! Saka it's true, it is all in the mind, if you keep your mind off it di mo na mamalayan ang lamig. Missing you sis. Take care lagi! Mwah!

Gina said...

That's the spirit! ;-P

we had our first light flurry last night and the rooftops look powdery white.

It does look pretty.
After a while, we do get the hang of winter, don't we?

YES! to being cheerful. Let's embrace and enjoy the beautiful winter season.