Friday, 18 November 2011

Don't Let Me Go by Catherine Ryan Hyde

Another book review!  I promise you this is worth your time.  I just loved this book to bits and I really have to share it!

You probably have seen the film, Pay It Forward which stars Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt and Haley Joel Osment.  The film was based on the novel by Catherine Ryan Hyde.  I had the honour of meeting Catherine on-line after I searched for her on Facebook as soon as I began reading Don't Let Me Go.  Let me tell you, it's not only her book I find amazing, Catherine herself is pure awesomeness!

Without much further ado, let me share with you this astonishing book!

Back cover summary:

Sometimes a child knows better... 


Ten-year-old Grace knows that her mum loves her, but her mum loves drugs too. And there’s only so long Grace can fend off the ‘woman from the county’ who is threatening to put her into care. Her only hope is... 

Grown-man Billy Shine hasn’t been out of his apartment for years. People scare him, and the outside world scares him even more. Day in, day out, he lives a perfectly orchestrated silent life within his four walls. Until now. . . 

Grace bursts into Billy’s life with a loud voice and a brave plan to get her mum clean. And it won’t be easy, because they will have to confiscate the one thing her mum holds most dear . . . they will have to kidnap Grace.

Why I like it:

A heartwarming tale of friendship and love.  Love in all forms.  The story depicts the goodness of humanity.  That in each of us lies kindness, no matter who or what we are.

I loved the characters in this story.   It's a feel-good book that would make you wish there was a Book 2.  It's funny, soul-soothing...full of selflessness and compassion.

I am particularly impressed with how the author switched point of view from an adult to a 10-year old girl.  I think it's brilliant!

I am now definitely a fan of Catherine Ryan Hyde!

"So I guess people figure it's not as hard to lose your mother when you never got along anyway.  But they're wrong.  They're dead wrong.  It's always hard to lose your mother.  Always.  If you loved her, if you hated her.  If she smothered you, if she ignored you.  It doesn't matter.  She's your mother.  Your mother.  That's just a very tough bond to break." 
- Jesse, page 233, Don't Let Me Go by Catherine Ryan Hyde

Disclaimer: I own a copy of the book above. This is an honest review and I was not compensated for this.


Theresa Milstein said...

What a unique premise. I can't think of too many adult books with this kind of premise. Thanks for the review, Len.

Old Kitty said...

Love your most enthusiastic review!! It sounds like a most heartrending read - a daughter desperate enough to concoct such a plan to save mum - and with such quirky characters - I do like the sound of Billy! Take care

Glynis said...

Ooh, sounds like a book for me! Great review, thanks, Len.

Robyn Campbell said...

Excellent review, Len! Sweet! I love page 223. I'll have to order the book this weekend on Amazon. I gotta have it. Sorry hubby. Yes, it's another book I'm ordering.

Hugs, Len! *waving*

Shannon Lawrence said...

I didn't know "Pay it Forward" was based on a book, but this is an author I definitely want to look up. "Don't Let Me Go" sounds heartbreaking. Thank you for the review!