Tuesday, 1 May 2007

My Simple Luxury

I used to take it for granted. I used to just ignore it lying around. I never appreciated the joy it provided me when it was there with me. When I needed it, I'd just ask my father where it was and voila! It was there! So when I flew to England, I knew it would mean flying away from all the people I love but did not realise it would also mean flying away from the simple pleasures in life. I didn't realise it would be hard work to even look for anything to replace these things. This little thing I am now talking about - I could not find anything like it. I actually started rubbing my back on the wall...yes, I am telling you the truth. And yes, I am serious!

I have mentioned this to my mother many times. I asked her to get me a dozen. I have stopped hoping to get one here. Just when I have stopped looking, I chanced upon a shop that sells them in Blackpool last weekend!!! So, I'm sharing with you the one thing that puts me to ecstasy when my husband is not around - my back scratcher!!! Woo-Hoo!!!

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exskindiver said...

ah...the simple pleasures.