Wednesday, 2 May 2007

The Shoes That Almost Killed My Feet

I swear to Pluto I really have not worn high-heeled shoes for quite a long time. The last time was on my wedding day in 2005. At work, I wear comfortable boyish shoes - those that look like school shoes - to make it easier for me to walk around. Tight-fitting shoes aren't very comfortable, no matter how loose they are. Probably because my toes are too big for sexy shoes. Too fat. Hindi pa naiimbento ang sapatos na para sa'kin, hehehe.

I knew, however, that there would come a time when it would require me to wear killer shoes again. I was right. Last month, I had to look for a pair of nice ladies' shoes to match my suit for a christening. So Jim and I went to a nice shoe shop in Norwich - the nearest city where we live - to find shoes. I found a pair of lovely black shoes and I fell in love with them. I tried them on and walked around in them. They are absolutely gorgeous! I couldn't leave the shop without them. So, I bought them. Smile

The next day: Christening Day. The beautiful shoes that I loved so much almost killed my feet. My toes were so sore I couldn't walk properly without holding on to my dear husband. The worst part was we couldn't find a parking space near the pub where the reception was held at. So we had to walk from the parking lot to the pub and back to the parking lot from the pub. It was complete tortue. My callouses and corns that quietly fell into deep slumber were awakened by the silent beasts. My two feet were in agony! Crying

It was a breather when I got into the car. What a relief to take the monstrous shoes off! Sick

Ahhh. The things you love the most will hurt you the most. Oh yes, that includes shoes! Mad
The photograph shows my beautiful monstrous shoes.
Yes, I will wear them again when the time comes.


Ria said...

I totally adore shoes, I have such a collection of them. Its definitely worth the sacrifice tho if the shoes are to die for. Many times my feet have felt numb coz of the pain but its sooo worth it!!! :P

LADY LUXIE said...

It's been a few days...wonder if you got the chance to wear it again...Shoes are like friends me' thinks..some take time to get to comf'tably know...


exskindiver said...

sometimes whe i have to wear high heels, i pack black chinelas in my purse so that i can get to and from the car--or sashay out of an event with ease. (na hindi i-ika-ika.)
its a great feeling.

Gina said...

It is very difficult for me finding shoes that are both pretty and ultra comfy. I do have a few pairs that look so nice but I could only wear them for a couple of hours before they start killing my feet and me! And Len, have you noticed this (or is it just me) , shoes feel quite comfortable when you try them on in the store, but once you paid for them and wear them,they transform into mini killers!? Another Murphy's law?