Sunday, 23 November 2008

Here comes the Big Freeze!!!

I was only reminiscing winter last week and guess what? This morning, it was snowing!!!! Just when I thought it was only the start of autumn!!! It was a beautiful, beautiful sight! I don't normally open the curtains and if I do, I make sure that I draw the net curtains (I am very private!) but today, I opened all curtains and removed all the net curtains so I could look out the window and see how lovely the snow looks as it slowly falls from the sky.
I had a nice English breakfast with husband whislt we were looking out the windows. It was, indeed, a beautiful, snowy morning!


Ruthi said...

Hi Len... It's really cold here now but surprisingly not snowing much unlike last year. Maybe it was just a welcome treat for me so I could have my first taste of snow early. I am not complaining though because knowing Maine, it could be a really another long winter and I am looking forward to ice-fishing. Take care. Miss yah.

Glynis said...

Just to let you know you have something waiting for you on my blog