Saturday, 15 November 2008

Reminiscing the Last Winter

I know that it's going to be colder very soon. I know that it's going to be freezing just like last year. But I am looking forward to the beautiful winter. These photographs here that I am sharing with you were the ones taken last winter (peak of winter here was February this year). I was like a child outside our house feeling the snow in my hands, walking on the snow on the ground and looking at my footprints. My husband told me the neighbours must be watching and laughing at me. I didn't mind. At least I was giving them some entertainment...whilst I was being entertained myself by the magnificence of nature.
The photograph above shows you just how crazy I went when I saw that it was snowing outside. Hubby took photos as he shook his head watching me dancing in the snow. Ha! It felt good doing that! I know it is crazy but it was good being crazy for a few seconds even just to enjoy myself. After all, it feels like it's been ages since the last time I danced in the rain or laughed my heart out or sang out of tune whilst in the shower. So, that day, I savoured the moment.
This is going to be my third winter in England and I am still excited. I know the roads get slippery, it's damp, it's wet, it's a lot of hassle when it snows but what the heck. It's still beautiful.
So, like my husband, I am looking forward to the next Big Freeze. Aren't you?

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