Wednesday, 2 June 2010

It's almost summer!!!!

How has the weather been at your side of the world?
I can't lie. I sometimes miss the sun. I like it not too hot, not too cold, a little bit of sunshine and a little bit of the cold wind, just enough to be able to wear nice short-sleeved blouses, skirts and open-toe shoes! Today is just about the day to do that! I've enjoyed the Spring. Although the last few days were not really good as it rained a lot. I don't mind the rain, but the fact is - my clothes dryer broke and I now depend on either the radiator or the sun to dry all my washing! It's too warm to switch the radiator on so I have to dry the clothes outside. I haven't bought a new dryer yet as what we need now is a heavy-duty one which is much more expensive. So that will take a little bit of time. For now, I am hoping the weather will cooperate...(keeping my fingers crossed!) Nonetheless, Spring has been lush. There were days when I thought of digging my closet to get my winter coat back on the coat hanger to get it ready...but I've been fine with a sweater on or my beige mac.

The shoes I got from Asda for £18!

A week or so ago, husband and I went to Asda to do some food shopping...but of course I wouldn't miss what new items George have got so we went to the Women Clothes section. I found two embellished blouses that look so lovely! What's more - they were on sale! One was originally £18 but was that day on £8.00 and the other one was originally £14.00 but I got it for £6.00! Really good value for money! I also got a pair of open-toe shoes for £18.00!

The embellishments on these blouses are so intricate - I don't think I could do them myself! They are just so beautiful! They remind me of the attractiveness of authentic Asian Fashion which I can only find in the Philippines.

I also took the white pair of shoes I got from Rusty Lopez in the Philippines last year which are just so lush. I was wearing them yesterday and it was fine, although there was a spit of rain. I love Rusty Lopez! I could get quality shoes without breaking the bank. I wish I bought more pairs though when I was in Manila last year.

I hope you are all enjoying the sun! In the Philippines, I heard from my sister that it's been so hot! I do hope that despite the heat, you get to enjoy it by going out more but using protection from the sun. Wear comfortable clothes to keep you cool. Where my friends are - in America, Japan, Korea and Canada, I do hope you will have a beautiful, warm summer months! Enjoy!


patreub said...

Hiya Len,noticed you have been doing your blog. Missed it recently, keep up the blog, Best wishes Pat

Loree said...

It's not too hot here yet so I am thankful for that. We can all still breather without suffocating from the heat :)

Len said...

Pat and Loree,thanks so much for visiting! :-)

Makis said...

Nice, spring shopping! Hope summer is really here to stay. I live for flipflops!

betchai said...

I too am looking forward to my warm summers Len, can't wait to be with the waves and the fishes :)