Thursday, 25 November 2010

Be safe in this weather!

Just got home.  We were supposed to relax tonight but it was totally the opposite.

On the way home from Great Yarmouth, there was a heavy fall of sleet, rain and snow.  As a strong gust of wind blew against the windscreen of the car, my husband and I heard something snap.  We did not know what it was until we noticed the wipers had stopped moving.  We couldn't see the road!  We were on a long narrow road with no lay-by!  We stopped for a few minutes but realised that we were causing too much traffic so husband drove slowly to find a safe place to stop so we could phone the breakdown service.  It scared the hell out of me!  We couldn't see a thing with all the rain and the big lorries coming from the opposite side of the road splashing and spraying more water and mud on our windscreen!

After a few more minutes - which felt like forever - of facing danger, we finally found a safe corner and pulled over.  The breakdown van came in less than half and hour, fixed the windscreen (which needed replacing so the repair was only temporary) and followed us home - to safety. 

Whew.  Thank God we're okay.

Now I'm going to grab a blanket and wrap myself up, have a cup of hot choco and relax in front of the telly.

How about you?  Anything exciting happening?  Whatever you are doing, I hope you are all safe this Thanksgiving. Take care!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Kea said...

Thanks so much for visiting my Musings blog. My life truly is small, so no exciting adventures to follow, I'm afraid. But perhaps that a blessing. LOL.

I'm very glad you and your husband made it home safe and sound. After an experience like that, I'd recommend lacing your hot chocolate with something a little more potent. Or have mulled wine or a hot toddy! :-)

Old Kitty said...

Oh my goodness!! What a fright you both must have endured!! Please stay home from now until next spring! LOL! But seriously all this weather turning is just scary!! I'm so glad you and hubby are home safe and sound!!

Take care and enjoy your hot choco and telly!

Jules said...

What an adventure. Glad you are home safe with the telly. :)

If we did not get "Doc Martin" here I'd be asking what the hey is a "lorry" is. But I know this one :D
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

L'Aussie said...

Oh this is a shock. I do hope you are both fine. don't worry about the vehicle. Do take care.

You have something special to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!

Glynis said...

So glad you are safe. That sounded scary. Now, throw lots of salt around the UK, and get rid of that snow before I arrive next week please! LOL

Elaine AM Smith said...

Snow is dangerous, bad and cold. I'm glad you are safely home. I'm packing the emergency kit recommended by the AA ready to head to Manchester tomorrow. Go away snow!

LindyLouMac said...

I am calling by your blog, to thankyou for becoming my latest follower on my book review blog. I hope you will be back soon. Having discovered you are in the UK and you write book reviews I will be back.
Thank goodness you had a breakdown membership!

Rachael Harrie said...

Ooh, you've changed your background!

That must have been so scary, really glad you got home ok :)


Ellie said...

Ooo...that did sound scary. I'm glad you were alright.

A couple of years back we were on holiday in Wales and on our way back to the Travelodge. It had been a sunny day but as soon as we got on thr dual carriageway (at night) the heavens opened and the rain was torrential. We couldn't see further than the end of the bonnet but the other traffic was still driving at speed. I was terrified and my other half, who never gets worried, looked scared also. I have never been so releaved to see an exit road in all my life. When we got back to our room, my other half admitted he'd never scared driving until that moment.