Monday, 4 April 2011

Ordinary Angels by India Drummond

An angel is about to fall.

Although most of Zoe Pendergraft's friends are dead, that means nothing to her.  After all, they died long before she met them.  What does matter is the angel who took her dancing and turned her world upside down.

But grim reality intrudes when she finds  a body, and the Higher Angels accuse her best friend of the murder.

Knowing she's the only one who can stand against the Higher Angels, Zoe uses any means necessary to save her friend....all the while, wondering if the tempestuous love she's feeling is real.

The blood on her hands forces Zoe to question herself, and her angel to question her.

Content warning:  Contains strong language and supernatural sizzle.

Falling in love with an angel.  After immersing ourselves with stories of wizards, vampires and werewolves, it's now time for something new:  angels.  India Drummond has just the right book for us. Ordinary Angels.

I must admit, I fell in love with the cover of the book straight away.  Don't you just love it? Reading it made it even better.  I was captivated by Alexander.  I wanted to be Zoe.  India has created interesting characters in Zoe, Alexander, Henry and Zoe's Gran.  Zoe sees dead people, angels and demons.  The setting is not in the far-away fantasy land.  What's interesting is that Zoe works in an office.  It's like the supernatural meets the real world.

The intimate scenes are immaculate.  Have you seen the film, City of Angels which starred Meg Ryan and Nicolas Cage?  Do you remember how they made love?  Do you remember how pure, innocent and celestial the love scene was?  That is how I would describe the intimate moments between Zoe and Alexander.  They are powerful. They remain with you.  India has captured me.  She writes in a way that each chapter gives me a sweet 'aftertaste' that she makes me long for more.

Don't be the last to read India Drummond's debut novel.  It is truly an enjoyable book you'd like to take with you - for a relaxing read by the beach, at the park or even in your own home - with a cup of hot choco!   

One of my favourite parts of this book:
Instead of answering or asking questions she knew he must have, Alexander kissed her hard on the lips.  "I do not want to be without you,"  he said. (p.139)

To find out more about India Drummond and her book, here's her website:

Disclaimer:  I received a free electronic copy of the book from the author for an honest review and I was not compensated for this review.


Mason Canyon said...

This does sound like an intriguing book. I hadn't heard about it before. Thanks for the review, I'll have to add it to my wish list.

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Old Kitty said...

Oh Len what a wonderful review!! India Drummond's book cover is STUNNING!!! It's so scrummy yummy!! I love love love City of Angels too so yay for India Drummond!! I wish her all the very best with her debut novel!!!! Yay!!! Take care

L'Aussie said...

This sounds like an exciting book by India. Great review Len.

Thanks for visiting me.


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Ann said...

I have this book on my list. Great review Len.

Faith said...

I've read a few angel books recently and I'm already nearly tired of them... but you make this one sound worthwhile! I think if they're done WELL, they can make interesting characters... the problem is that often the stories come across as super cheesy. But I'll definitely keep an eye out for this one!

Eden Baylee said...

India is definitely one of my favorite writers, and a wonderful lady to know. I couldn't be more happy for the great reviews she is getting. Thx for posting!

India Drummond said...

Thank you so much for the spotlight today!


Theresa Milstein said...

Thanks for the review. I've been looking forward to this book for some time. I keep checking Amazon US.

"...supernatural sizzle." Good warning!

Several YA angel books have come out in recent years, but this one sound more interesting than most. I read Hush, Hush. I want to read this and Unearthly.

The Red Angel said...

Excellent review! This looks like such a good book, I'm going to have to check it out next time I go to B&N. :)

Thanks so much for following my blog. :) If you're interested, come sign up for my 100-Followers Blogfest, titled "Inanimation," it's going to be great!


Chris Phillips said...

supernatural sizzle - lol