Sunday, 24 August 2008

Let's DIY!

A month or so ago, hubby and I got fed up of looking for the perfect bed for our boy. We looked everywhere and there wasn't any bed that we liked. They all cost so much and yet they didn't look as strong as we would expect them to be. But maybe we were looking for something that will last a lifetime. We were looking for something different from the wooden bed we used to have that just suddenly fell apart - and to think that when the middle broke, we were asleep!!! Okay, enough of that as you might imagine something else.
Above photos show the DIY bed that we have finally decided to get. It didn't cost a fortune and by the looks of it, it is strong enough to last for years. Hubby and I assembled it last month to get it ready for our boy. It was very easy to do and boy it looked really good when we finished.
Do you like DIYs? I do but not all of them. Not all DIY items are good. Some of them are just rubbish. Take for example the DIY desks and shelves. I don't think they will stay the same when you try to move them around the house. Some will just fall apart when you lift them up. But with this, I think we've made the right choice!

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