Thursday, 28 August 2008

Interested in going to a University?

My husband has always admired young people who work their way up to University, no matter how challenging and expensive it is. My friend, Anne, who has finished a 4-year bachelor’s degree in the Philippines has decided to get another course, this time she wants to be a Registered Nurse and this time here in the United Kingdom. She has now been accepted at a highly reputable University in the South of England. Why, you might ask. So I say, why not? It’s another feather in her cap. I admire Anne for this. She is a dreamer...and when you have a dream, just go for it. School is about to open in the United Kingdom and there’s a lot of opportunities out there. We all just have to be on the look out. Interested? Listen to this - I have just found out that the University of Bedfordshire will be recruiting students onto their courses from the 14th of August 2008 via the clearing process. To offer support and advice to those who are interested, the University of Bedfordshire’s Clearing team will be on standby from the 14th August 2008! They will be answering questions about anything you want to know in getting the right course for you! With an opportunity like this, I don’t think you should wait! I have got the contact number for you! Contact the Clearing Team at 0800 013 0925 about the University of Bedfordshire -Clearing 2008 Don’t miss the chance!

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