Sunday, 31 August 2008

Sorbetes in Norfolk!

I've lived in Norfolk now for more than 2 years...I can't remember NOT seeing ice cream all year. I may be wrong but this is only my observation. Maybe ice cream shops are close during the peak of winter - I will check on that when winter comes! In the Philippines, we drink extremely hot coffee during the summer for 'merienda' (snacks or mid-afternoon mini-meal), here in England, people love ice cream, yes, even if it's cold. Hubby loves ice cream any time of the year. Yes, people, he doesn't mind eating ice cream during the winter! So, sharing with you a photograph taken with friends Jemi and Orren and hubby looking on as Jemima gets her ice cream at Norwich City Centre.


beth said...

hi Len, same here in US, people do eat ice cream even when it is freezing and there's snow on the ground! And even if they wear warm coats and all covered!

I only have icea cream in the summer! I have hot honey lemon tea in the winter :).

Ruthi said...

hello friend... how's the PPP goin now? I love sorbetes... more importantly...i love the "dirty ice cream" if you know what i mean. i don't see the same ice cart around here. goof for you... your photo here brings back good memories from home. take care.


Gina said...

Oh, I love ice cream!!!

Our favorite ice cream place is closed for the better part of the winter. Ang laki pa naman ng portion, I'd pick two flavors one scoop like a combo of a chocolate flavor and something fruity. The vendor ends up giving me almost 3 big scoops for the price of 1.

In the Phils. -my favorite flavor would be Magnolia ube. Here it's mint chocolate, sometimes berry cheesecake. My last ice cream was this week at a Japanese restaurant- Japanese mango , pure heaven!