Friday, 9 July 2010

Love Yourself - Love Others - The Retrochick Challenge Part 2

A few days ago, I took on Retrochick's challenge to list five things I like about myself. This time, I am going to give you a list of 5 people on the blogosphere and something that I like about each of them. It took me a few days to finish this post due to the fact that I do not have photographs of the friends that I want to feature on this post. Since I still haven't gotten around to emailing them to ask for photos, I am putting a link to the blogsite instead. I have decided to give two lovely things about each of my blog friends. These people are not just people that I know over the internet. I call them my friends due to the fact that when my husband was working on nights - for 3 years - and I was alone at home, they kept me company - yes, on line. We emailed each other, chatted away on YM or over the phone. To be honest, there are more than five. But since the challenge says five, I'm doing only that. I have picked the ones that have recently been active on line - on Facebook or blog. To those I have not picked, you know you are still very dear to know who you are! Here's my list: I love MJ's hair - that is shiny, soft and black. I always look at her photos and admire just how shiny they are....and I love MJ for her sweetness. She always has something very nice to say when she writes to me or says something on my FB wall. Here's a link to her blogsite: It's a Beautiful Life. I love Ruthi's lips -that they are full and that a little bit pouty. Maybe it's just me but when I look at Ruthi's lips, they resemble Angelina Jolie's pouted lips just a little bit....and I love Ruthi for tirelessly offering help on my blog, giving me tips on things like possibilities of making money (which I still haven't gotten around to doing!), taking photographs, links that will give me more tips on blogging, etc. She's such a darling! Here's a link to one of her blogsites: A Carpenter's Wife's Tool Box. I love Wen's eyes - that they are beautiful and brown. I love looking at her face and those tantalizing brown eyes. Wen is a very good friend of mine and I feel so blessed for her. Here's a link to her blogsite: Life in the Northwest Town. I love Makis' figure - that she's so slim and I envy her! She doesn't seem to have any flabs at all! And when I saw a photo of her in a bathing suit, I was breathless!!!! I also love Maki's wit. She's just so clever and I enjoy reading all of her blog posts. Here's a link to her blogsite: A Relative World. I love Gina's smile - that it is almost innocent and childlike. I like looking at her photos with that smile of hers - the kind that seems to capture anyone she meets. Gina is a very amiable and lovable person. Here's a link to her blogsite: Not From the Peanut Gallery. Apologies for not being able to show photos of my beautiful friends but you can look at their photos by clicking on the link to their blog. That also gives you the chance to have a look what they've recently posted. I hope you enjoy reading their posts because I do! To MJ, Ruthi, Wen, Makis, Gina and all of my friends out there who have blessed my life and continue to bless it, thank you for being there!


Ruthi said...

Oh Thanks Amiga for the compliment. Naks, I like Angelina Jolie and wish that I were her so I can have Brad. hahhaha. Thanks for the link.

Gina said...

awwww, Len!!!! I've actually read this as soon as I got your msg , just didn't know how to 'graciously' take the compliment. All I can say is 'AWWWWWWWW!!!!! ' :)

I see you are back to blogging again. I have tried to catch up with your latest entries. I would love to blog again but the 'juices aren't flowing'. I have just finished my refresher courses and did my last exam a couple of weeks back, but still awaiting the result of 1. Hopefully, I will be able to challenge the board exams here. That's what I've been doing these past couple of years, and when I did get 'down times' , all I wanted to do was farmvilling . Well, that's all my mind allowed me to do anyways :P I will be tuning in , now that I see you are writing again. Keep em coming Len. Regards.