Tuesday, 13 July 2010

New Face

Conversations with Self has a new face.  I've decided it needs a make-over.  I got tired of the pink background and very plain template.  I've discovered the Blogger has recently launched new design templates so I gave it a try.

How does it look?  Please tell me if the design is okay or if it hurts the eye.  I want the readers to like the template and for easy reading for everybody.  Please be honest and let me know.  Would really appreciate it!

Feel free to also email me at conversationswithlen@yahoo.co.uk



victoria said...

What do you call the box behind the title of the page -- I think you can work a bit on the colors inside the box.

As for the flowers in the background -- colors and design are fine. Not difficult to read , soothing on the eye, all ok.

Congrats on your blog.

Ruthi said...

WOW! Amiga I love the new look. Very refreshing. Good luck on blogging. Glad you are back.

betchai said...

blue is soothing to the eye Len, I also change my blog's look once a while, I love changing actually the look :) like Ruthi, glad to see you blogging more.