Monday, 5 July 2010

Love Yourself - The Retrochick Challenge

What do you love about yourself? One of my favourite blogs, Retrochick, posted a challenge to list 5 good things we love about ourselves. I wasn't tagged but would like to take up the challenge! I think Retrochick and us women have things we don't like about ourselves. But it's true what Retrochick said, we don't usually say the good things about ourselves. That's why this is a challenge! This is Retrochick's challenge: Love yourself for who you are and what you really look like under all of those vintage clothes. Pick out 5 things about yourself that you think are beautiful and post them on your blog, facebook, whatever. Then, pick 5 other people in blogland and post one thing about that person that you love (and really envy them for!) - this one I will do on next post. I don't know if it's got something to do with age but these days, I don't spend hours in front of the mirror like I did when I was younger. Don't get me wrong, I am not that old, ha! But I do remember the days when I'd take every chance I could get to look at myself in the mirror, even checking my reflection out when I'd walk past a glass panel or a shop window! That's how vain I was in my past life. I also used to practice my best smile, that kind of smile where the tiny dimple on my left cheek would show...I'm not sure if it was a dimple though...more like a tiny wrinkle to me. Anyways, before I forget the main purpose of this post, I must begin! What I like about goes: My nose. I like my nose that it isn't too flat and it isn't too pointed. Just right. In the Philippines, they call it 'matangos', meaning 'pointed.' But really when you move to a place where everybody has a pointed nose, mine becomes flat. When you look at Filipino women and I'm one of them, I will not look different. We all look alike. But I still like my nose. My husband doesn't seem to think it's different from other noses but I like it. Full stop. My skin. I like it that it is light brown. I like it that I don't have to go to get a tan. I like it that in my teenage years, I didn't suffer from lots of pimples. I like it this way. This reminds me of an ex-boyfriend who made me feel like I was ugly because I was light brown. He'd be so angry with me when I'd expose myself in the sun and would annoyingly get an umbrella for me to use - just because I was already brown! He wanted me to have lighter skin because he thought the lighter your skin is, the prettier you are! Yes, girls, I dumped him. My lips. I like them that they are full. My husband says they are nice because they are not too full, just right. My hair. I like it that it is dark brown. I can colour it jet black or light brown. But I cannot get any more colour other than black or brown. I don't want experimenting too much on hair colour. I just like the colour of my hair as it is. Although these days, I have to start hiding the grey hair that's starting to appear! Hmp! My Eyes. I like them that they are brown. They look black from afar but if you look closer, they are brown. My mother told me that when I was born, my eyes were blue! Now I don't know if I'd believe that or not but the colour changed as I was growing up. Can you imagine a brown woman with blue eyes! I wonder if my eyes were blue today, would I look normal??? I have not been blessed with long eyelashes like other women. My friend Nisha has the most beautiful long eyelashes...and I just love looking at her big brown eyes and long lashes! Sadly, I don't have that. But not to worry, I can always get false eyelashes if I want to! Now, I must tag 5 friends to do the same! I am tagging Gemma, Ruthi, Betchai, Wen and MJ to do the same! You can do this by posting this on your blog or on your wall on Facebook or Twitter...whichever or whatever way you wish to do it. You can do it too even if I have not tagged you! I will be posting my 5 favourite bloggers on next post and list things I love about them! I'd like to repeat what Retro Chick said at the end of her post: We are all fabulous!


Retro Chick said...

Thank you so much for the lovely things you said about my blog *blushes*

The challenge came originally from Va Voom Vintage, which is another wonderful blog. It's so nice to see people say nice things about themselves!

Ruthi said...

Hi Len... thanks for the tag. I appreciate it. I will do this when I get the chance. Kinda busy right now.