Wednesday, 1 December 2010

A Must-read: Talli Roland's The Hating Game

I read all kinds of genre.  It has been awhile since the last time I read a rom-com.  When I started reading Author Talli Roland's debut novel, The Hating Game, I was really looking for a nice, feel-good book to read.  It did not disappoint!  I loved it.

So if you are also looking for a good book that will both make you laugh and entertain you...a book that is gripping and a page-turner, this is the one! Talli Roland's The Hating Game.

Here's a preview:
When man-eater Mattie Johns agrees to star on a dating game show to save her ailing recruitment business, she's confident she'll sail through to the end without letting down the perma-guard she's perfected from years of her love 'em and leave 'em dating strategy.

After all, what can go wrong with dating a few losers and hanging out long enough to pick up a juicy £200,000 prize? Plenty, Mattie discovers, when it's revealed that the contestants are four of her very unhappy exes.
Can Mattie confront her past to get the prize money she so desperately needs, or will her exes finally wreak their long-awaited revenge? And what about the ambitious TV producer whose career depends on stopping her from making it to the end.

This is captivating, unputdownable book! Mattie Johns is an enthralling character that may appear to be tough and vicious outside, a man-eater, and unhappy human being...but in my opinion, I think every woman needs a little bit of that toughness, of her confidence and poise, a vision of strength and inner power even if the reality is she is crumbling inside. Even when she's losing an argument, she makes sure she says something smart in the end, even if it's only a one-word 'Whatever!' You'll both love and hate her, such an amazing character that Talli had created in this wonderful book! This is not the usual rom-com novel where the protagonist is a sweet, softie woman who wears her heart on her sleeve...that's what I love about it!

You will love the twist just before the end of the story.  I wasn't expecting that at all but that was what was gripping - - - I couldn't put it down - - I just had to finish reading it!  The other characters are as interesting as Mattie.

I enjoyed it, loved it to bits and I promise, you will too! A side-splitting, witty, clever book! Hats off to Talli! Five stars!

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Elaine AM Smith said...

What a supportive post. Talli must be delighted that everyone is pulling out all the stops for her. I went with Twitter. :)

Old Kitty said...

Go Talli!!! I really enjoyed Talli's book too!!!

I wish her all the best with her fun book! Take care x

LindyLouMac said...

I posted my review just about everywhere today, she deserves to succeed.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Len .. and Talli .. it's great being part of the buzz around the blogosphere supporting Talli & her The Hating Game .. cheers Hilary

Talli Roland said...

Yikes, I can't believe I'm only making it over here now to say thanks! Sorry it's taken so long!

But... thank you SO much for all your help, support and encouragement.

Glynis said...

I have just finished reading, The Hating Game and absolutely love it!