Thursday, 9 December 2010

The character who doesn't speak!!!

Revise.  Revise.  Revise.  That's what I have been doing.  My manuscript is now completely different from the first one, well, except of course for the names of the characters and their backgrounds.  Yeah, yeah, tell me about it.  But the good thing is - I think it's getting better.  I think. 

The funny thing about re-reading the first draft is finding out that there are plenty of unanswered questions.  A lot of rubbish.  Chapter one that's totally going to be put in the rubbish bin.  And I just noticed - there's this one character that has been there, all along, but doesn't talk!  Of course she had a few lines here and there...but just a few words.  LOL.  I think I better make her more interesting and give her more to say!

Hmmm. That's just me updating you on what I have been doing.  There's another thing - I'd like to share with you two wonderful blogs that I have just began following.  I thought you'd be interested, too!

I've heard of a 17-year old YA writer, Vee, who's got a really cooooool blog.  Check it out!  It's called Ramblings of a Writer - click here!  Thank you Author Mandy Hubbard for sharing this on Facebook!

And a good friend of mine, Writer Lisa Stowe, has got a new blog, The Story River.  Another awesome blog to have a look!

Hey, friends, it's almost the weekend, eh?  Time to happy dance!!!!!!


Misha said...

Hahaha that sounds like an interesting character... Maybe you should make her more of a presence than a talker. That way, the other characters are intrigued by her while she insists on being mysterious.


Andrea Mack said...

I know what you mean about first drafts leaving lots of questions, since I'm working on revising lately. Sometimes I think I just throw in as much as posssible in the first draft to see if it works (and lots of times it doesn't). Maybe your character that doesn't speak is mute? Or maybe they don't belong at sll?

Ellie said...

I have a character who talks too much! I guess it is about finding the right balance.

Theresa Milstein said...

If you can make such drastic changes to your novel, it shows you're open to doing the necessary to make it better. I wish you the best as you keep going.

I'll check out those blogs. Thanks for the links!

Old Kitty said...

Oh wow - great that you are getting really stuck into your novel with your revisions!!!! Well done you and well done for discovering a previously quiet character and bringing her out of her shell!! Fantastic!!

Enjoy your weekend too - am happy dancing non-stop!! Take care

Christine Danek said...

Keep plugging away. You can do it. :) I know this feeling.
Thanks for the links. I'm off to check them out.

Tara said...

Ugh. I hate revisions. I think I had 4 first chapters before settling on the current one.

wintergurl said...

hi ,

blog walking .ur blog title catched my attention .
well . nice to meet you . I think we have similar talk to ourself ..the difference is i will talk in my heart and myself ..and you will talk to the mirror ..but we talk ourself :)

The Golden Eagle said...

I do that with characters; I'll have them say little throughout the entire book. It sounds like you're really working on those revision--go, go, go! :)

Len said...

Hi there!

@Misha - that's a very good idea! The character is one of my main characters and there's a very good reason why she's there. Her presence is important because she plays an important role in the end. I will put some more description of her expression and presence. Thank you!!!

@Hi Andrea - The character isn't mute. The first draft is just absolutely rubbish that I did not notice she did not talk much, LOL.

@Ellie - yes, I think you are right :)

@Theresa - yes, you are right. My 2nd draft is like a different story all together but it's a lot clearer and I'm certain now that there's a good story.

@Old Kitty - thanks, Old Kitty! Happy dancing with you!!! :)

@Tara - I am actually beginning to enjoy it now - writing is hardwork. It's not easy to be a storyteller :) but it feels freakin' good!

@Christine - thank you, I need that push! :)

@Wintergurl - Thank you for following! Nice to meet you!

@Golden Eagle - Thanks! 2nd draft is getting to know the characters more, isn't it? It feels good being at this stage. I'm still learning! Thanks for dropping by! :)

Leigh Russell said...

I came across one author who wrote 200-300 words a day and those words were his final version but most of authors, like me, reread, check, revise, self-edit before submitting the draft to an editor. I run my MS past my agent and a small circle of readers whose judgement I trust, before the editor reads it. The best advice I can give you is to be ruthless. If anything doesn't contribute to the plot or character building, cut it however much you enjoyed writing it.

L.T. Elliot said...

I realized almost this same thing about one of my characters. I'm trying to decide whether to cut them out or beef them up. Hmm.

Keep at it and good luck!

Talli Roland said...

Thanks for the links, Len!

My first drafts are always rubbish (not that I'm saying yours is - you know what I mean!). Makes revising really difficult, but at least it's satisfying seeing how far it's come!

Anonymous said...

Hi Len, first time visitor. I recognize many of your followers/commenters. Good luck with those revisions. I'm in the midst of a couple too.