Tuesday, 15 July 2008


Mood: Relaxed
Been really busy the past two weeks. I will be posting about my trip to London last week and visits from beloved friends Jemima & Orren and Karla & Ed.
For the meantime, here's a lovely photo of my dear old friend Jemima with me whilst roaming around Norfolk with our hubbies. It was a beautiful weekend with them two. Jemima and I spent two days and two nights reminiscing the good old days. When we were in college, we called ourselves, The JEWELLS. You know those good old days, we did the corniest and silliest things, didn't we? The word JEWELLS actually is an acronym for our names. We were a group of 7 young ladies who studied and hung out together. J stood for Jemima, E for Ellen, W for Weng, another E for Edlyn, L for Lorie, another L for my nickname Len and S for Sonia. We somehow found a way to get hold of each other's emails and have now been communicating via email. But of course this also opened the door to constantly communicate with Jemi, haha! (which surely will drastically increase my phone bills! but what the heck!) ...and being as dramatic as I am, it made me cry leaving Jemi and Orren at the Liverpool Train Station that Sunday night. Bhuhuhuhu. I truly enjoyed being with them. Hubby also enjoyed the time with them and we could only wish that it would happen again one day.

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