Friday, 25 July 2008

Revisiting London with Jemi

Mood: Still's Friday night and I will get the chance to sleep all morning tomorrow!!! Woo-hoo! My favourite day is Friday!!!
I have to tell you before you proceed that I am not a travel writer. I am not very good at describing places. I think I do not give them enough justice. I cannot seem to find the perfect adjectives to describe a place. I always check the on-line dictionary and thesaurus just to find the right words. So bear with me, I beg you.
On my birthday last year, hubby took me to London - for the first time. I was in awe. It was a long-time dream to see The Houses of Parliament and The Buckingham Palace (although during my first few months here, I kept calling it 'The Birmingham Palace'). But we were pressed for time last year. So this year, with my dear friend Jemima and her hubby Orren, hubby and I went to visit London again....and this time we went on a cruise!
How exciting it was! It was like visiting the place for the first time again. This time I got to see St Paul's Cathedral up close and I was able to take a proper photograph of the Westwinster Abbey. Plus - I took photos of me and Jemi with the Big Ben and The Houses of parliament behind us!!! This time we were not so pressed for time - although we still felt we were because we wanted to do so much and go to so many places all in one day but of course, we couldn't. London looks like a giant city to me, everything seems to be huge! We still had ample time to go back to anywhere we like but our legs and feet were just so sore and we were all starting to get cramps that we just all gave up and had a meal at Liverpool Train Station. That was the last meal we had together before Jemi and Orren left. In two years, they were the very first who came to our home and spent a weekend with us, this is why husband and I find it to be so special having them in England. Jemima was like a childhood friend, someone who knew about my family background, who knew my Dad and Mum, my sister and brother. Although we had to catch up on a lot of things - practically almost 20 years of not seeing each other, we still felt so comfortable with each other. We still talked like it was only yesterday when we were together doing our term papers, projects and assignments in college. Ok, stop Len, stop, this is supposed to be about London. Yes, I know, but Jemima made the London trip more memorable and more enjoyable so, actually, this is about her, isn't it? Ha! I better stop now as it is pretty obvious I am starting to rattle.
Yes, London became even more beautiful with a very dear Jemima in tow. Of course, it wouldn't have been much fun without our hubbies to carry our bags, haha!
I told you, didn't I? I am not a travel writer. And this is not a travel blog.
Top photo: Me and Jemi sticking out our tongues, behind us is The Big Ben Bottom photo: Orren and Jemi in Norfolk, near the Norwich Castle


rowena said...

a great time with a most dear friend is what we need to break the monotony of life. glad that you experienced that with Jemi. I enjoyed viewing the pictures you had with them. take care Len. Till next time.

Len said...

Wen! You made it! You actually made it to my blogger! Thanks for the visit! Love your comment! Mwah!