Thursday, 24 July 2008

The sound of flip-flops

Mood: Sleepy. Haven't had much sleep lately.
It is summer and I just love to see the sun shining. It can change really quickly but for a few days now, it has been consistently sunny and bright. I am even surprised that at work, I can take my office jacket off because it gets too warm. Big windows can have a greenhouse-effect, most especially if you've got poor air-conditioning system. But then I love summer - the warmth and brightness of a sunny day!
Because it is summer - some people, mostly ladies, wear flip-flops at work! Yes, at work! A week ago, a colleague popped in our department and I turned when I heard the sound of her flip-flops as she walked. It looks perfectly normal for her to be wearing flip-flops. Tsinelas. Step in. Sandalyas. We have several names for flip-flops and we wear them in the Philippines when we go to the wet market or to a shop nearby but never ever to work! It is quite amusing though and it brought back pleasant memories of home - walks on the beach, seeing my father at home watching TV wearing his tsinelas or the sight of my brother topless, with a towel around his neck and yes, wearing flip-flops! Or my 8-year old nephew playing with his friends on the street - all wearing the lovely flip-flops! These indeed are ordinary things in my home land.
And right now, I can only dream being home and wearing my very 'presko' flip-flops.

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Nilz said...

That's exactly the point I put forward before my boss - a closed glass window produces green house effect without proper Air Conditioning. He has assured me of looking into this matter. Hope he does so early.