Friday, 4 July 2008

My Lovely Prestonian Friends!

Mood: Excited! A friend from way way back (University years) is coming over to visit us! Talking about friends. I haven't told you about hubby's best friend (and childhood friend), Reuben and his lovely wife Pat. Two lovely people who always welcome me in their lovely home when we visit Lancashire. We always enjoy our visits. The last time was early this year, just before spring. I would like to share with you some photos with them (Reub and Pat, thanks for the permission to publish these beautiful photos with you!)

This photo to your left is Reuben whilst cooking his specialty for was lovely! Reub, I was stuffed that evening! Thanks so much!

Husband and I always enjoy their company. We always have a good laugh with them. They are also the first two people who made me feel like I belong here. They made me feel so welcome. I remember my husband introducing me to Reuben over the telephone when we were in the Philippines. That seems to be a long time ago now. My better half was saying the truth, Reuben and Pat were ones of the very few people who accepted me with open arms. I know I get so dramatic sometimes but it was difficult for me starting here with no friends, no family, nothing. But with my two friends Reuben and Pat, it was a much better world for me. Life was easier.

Thanks to the both of you, Reub, Pat! We will see you again very soon!

From left: Pat, Reuben, myself and husband.

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Gina said...

Friends like them are precious and rare, and they deserve to be cherished and kept forever.