Sunday, 11 January 2009

Did you have a happy new year?

I know this is rather too late to greet you all a happy new year. But just the same, I hope you had a very happy one. For the first time on New Year's Eve, husband and I were together. The past two new years, he had to work so I was left alone at home. I was asleep at midnight. This new year was different. We went to a friends' home for New Year's Eve and on 1st January, we went to see the fireworks at the pier.
Before Christmas, husband and I had a minor road accident. We were shaken and shocked but we were thankful that we were safe and unhurt and the car had only a little bit of damage on the panels. I thought it would ruin our Christmas and New Year but thank God it didn't. It was such a hassle and all having to take the car to the garage, shelling out money even if the car had a fully comprehensive insurance coverage (I still do not understand how it works, honestly!). But I am glad that we are here, alive and kicking, to meet the new year with optimism! I wouldn't give you the details of the mishap as I don't see it important.
So, again, its 2009. I would like to share with you some photos I've taken at the pier on new year's day. Nothing special, really. But just something nice to look at.
Again, happy new year to you all!!!!

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