Thursday, 22 January 2009

My Golden Globe and Oscar Awards!

I would like to thank a fellow blogger and on-line friend, Glynis at New Scribbles From Glynis Smy for this Sisterhood Award. Glynis, I don't want the chain to stop but just don't have spare time at the moment to nominate other friends but I will do when I get the chance. I just don't want to miss thanking you. Thank you, Glynis! This made my day!
To my friend Ruthi at Carpenter's Wife's Toolbox, I know this is long overdue so forgive me. Do you know that you are the very first to nominate my blog as one of the coolest blogs you ever know? You won't believe this, I felt like I've won an Oscar. So dear Ruthi, thank you very much indeed for this award. I am honoured.


lizzie said...

Congrats on your awards!

Ruthinian Gregoire said...

Oh Len... I am so honored for this this award. I really appreciate it. Thanks a lot.