Thursday, 22 January 2009

The Nicest Christmas

I know I should have posted these photos a long time ago....and I know I should have written this entry last month, but it's been a busy four weeks. Going back to work and all...and most of all, coping with my winter blues. So I'm sure you will understand.
Our Christmas was a blast. I wouldn't say I felt complete as being with family and friends in the Philippines is still incomparable. But husband and I tried to enjoy every moment of it. For awhile, it helped to be in the company of Filipinos - and yes, nice Filipinos for a change. This wasn't our first Christmas celebration with them. It was the second and...counting. Our good friends Anne and George invited us once again to come to the Filipino Christmas Party in New Milton where they live. We were welcomed and we felt 'at home.' My husband, as usual, enjoyed being with good old friends, seeing his good old friend George and one of his favourite nieces, Amiel.
Top photo - Almost everybody got very excited whilst we were taking photos
Middle photo - Jim dancing with dear Amiel
Bottom photo - Jim and I dancing - or should I say swaying? We don't know how to dance. No, really.


lizzie said...

Looks like you had a great time.

betchai said...

glad you had a wonderful Christmas and New year celebration, Len.