Wednesday, 26 January 2011


There is no such word.  I've invented it.  It means evolution of a blog - Blogvolution.  Hhmmm, doesn't sound right, does it?  Sounds more like blog revolution.  But never mind.  Ok, so what's with the title, you ask.  Well, I thought I'd write something about the changes in my blog since some friends who have been my followers and readers (some lurk and just read my posts and not commenting which I really appreciate) have began to wonder what's happened to this blog of mine.

You see, Conversations with Self began as an on-line journal sometime in 2006-2007 when I moved to the United Kingdom from The Philippines.  It was to keep my friends abreast on what's going on with my life.  It was easier than e-mailing each one of them, then I began to meet blogger friends so my blogging changed.  I started to write my thoughts out, at times writing seriously.  Those who are close to me have always known my love to write and I'm sure they are not surprised to see that my blog has evolved from writing the mundane to writing about books, chats with authors and writers and what's new in the writing world.  Of course I still write about life in general and life experiences, I cannot separate that at all.  After all, it's my life I'm writing about.  Now, why am I writing this?  It's to purposely mention the changes in my blog and to let my blog friends and readers out there know that the reason why I have not opened a new blog for my writing career is that I cannot keep more than one blog at a time.  I tried but I ended up deactivating my additional two blogs.  Maybe one day when I'm ready, I will open a fresh blog account, but not right now.

Yes, my darlings.  That's what's happened to this blog.  It just changed a little bit...ok, ok, maybe not a little bit but evolved hugely *laughter* but, hey, it's still me blogging.  I still write about life, about the little things, but mostly, I post more on writing because it's what I love the most.  I hope I don't bore you when I do.  I promise I will try to make it sound interesting *winks*

And to you, my fellow bloggers and writers, do you have more than one blog?  How do you keep them up-to-date both or all at the same time?  As a writer, would you recommend or suggest that I open a fresh one?


Theresa Milstein said...

How about Blogolution? Easier on the tongue. ; )

Since I don't really do much with my 2nd blog it's not an issue keeping up with both. My blog has certainly changed. I think it's easier to read now than before. Too much big chunks of text at first.

I don't know about when you first had a blog, but I like your blog now!

Loribeth said...

I think blogs have to evolve, just like life evolves. Our interests change, our situations change, and so our blogs must change.

I had several blogs. I thought having one for decorating, one for life, and one for writing was a great idea, except I didn't keep any of them up-to-date. I found that keeping one that was about me and my life, all parts of that life, was easier to maintain. So I combined them all. Now I'm just working on building a following, so I'm not just talking to myself.

Glad you're back. I've missed your blog.

Melissa Sarno said...

I think, like you said, blogs evolve and that's a good thing. I don't have another blog but I've considered starting another one. Of course, I can barely keep up with one blog,'s probably not a good idea. hehe.

Len said...

@Theresa - blogolution, hehe, yeah I thought about that...maybe we could use that! :) Thanks for liking my blog, I love yours too! :)

@Loribeth - I've seen all your blogs, I like them all. I did the same before, I had blog on work ethics after leaving my job and I also had blog about my son...but found it difficult to maintain all of them!

@Melissa - maybe when I start to work on getting published, I will open a fresh blog :)

Thanks all for coming! :)

Makis said...

Hi Len! What a refreshing new look! Evolution is a good sign, moving forward. I also tried making a second blog so I could separate it from my current life :) But the topic & issue are a bit delicate & a dead end. It's hard to maintain more than one blog but some topics or subjects deserve their own blog. Blog away, Len!

Old Kitty said...

Awwww I think blogs are very personal things so you do what feels good for you and what works for you! I think so long as you are happy and enjoying it. I see my blog as an extension of me so it's abit whacky, cat-centric and very silly and that's about as high up the evolution ladder I'm going for!! LOL!

I just about have time for blogging and keeping up one blog but I have come across so many bloggers who do all the social media thing of twitter and facebook and blog and all sorts of others and I haven't a clue how they find the time!!!!!

Enjoy your day! take care

Kea said...

I've had various personal web sites over the years, mostly for on-line writing of day to day life "stuff." A journal.

A couple of years ago I switched over to blogging, again mainly for my Self. I started with one, then added one for books I was reading (now defunct), one for daily stuff, and one for the fur family.

It's the fur family blog that is the busiest and takes most of my time.

I think it's natural that blogs evolve as our interests change. We'll let some go, start others, or perhaps stop altogether.

But of course you do it for your Self first and foremost, otherwise it's not fun. And too much of life already isn't fun, so I think this should be!

Jules said...

You write, we read. Simple enough for me. Be yourself that's all I'm saying :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

LindyLouMac said...

My blog also started to keep in touch with friends and family after moving abroad and like yours has evolved. My second blog LindyLouMac's book Reviews is to indulge my love of books. I am finding it hard at the moment to find the right balance between blogging and the real world.

Misha said...

Hey Len!

I only have one blog and that's taking up enough time as it is.

One day when I find a crit group, I might open a restricted account and use it for a tool.

But now I'm quite happy with what I have.


Len said...

Hi Makis! It's so nice to see you here! How are you? Hope to talk to you soon! I miss your blog posts...are you back blogging?

@Old Kitty - you are quite right! I agree!

@Kea - Hi! Nice to see you over here. Will check your blogs! Please bear with me...January has been the busiest blogging and writing month for me! :)

@Jules - thanks, I know what you mean but I needed to write this blog for the sake of my blog friends who have been following me all these years...and the ones who don't blog who haven't the foggiest idea what's going on.

@Lindylou - I love your book reviews...they tell me the ones I don't know anything about yet. You're making my to-read list longer but I gotta love you for that! :)

@MIsha - Hi Misha! I'd like a crit group as well...maybe when I'm ready I'm going to look for one that's nearby. Right now I have a writers' group and I'm an on-line member :)

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Len .. good for you - love the roses .. moving countries is always daunting and lots of brain power needed to cope!

Isn't the blog a good way to keep up with friends and offers a change via the usual email, or Christmas cards etc ..

Love it that you're enjoying the challenge .. Hilary

Glynis said...

I love the change you have made. I remember when you first started out. Your Blogvolution has been wonderful to watch. :)

Len said...

@Hilary - glad to see you too! :) I'm glad you like the roses. I was thinking they might be too bright for the eyes.

@Glynis - Thank you! :) Yes, it's been awhile since I started! I remember you back then, LOL! :)

Lou said...

Making up words is the best! I love to read your blog and for that reason I've listed you as an award winner on my blog... swing by sometime and pick it up.

Len said...

@Lou - Awww, thanks so much for the award! I love your blog too! :)

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

I love this concept ;)