Sunday, 23 January 2011

Writer's Platform Building Crusade

Hello there!  Thank you all for all the beautiful comments on my husband's post on The Significant Other Blogfest.  I did not force him to say all the good things, honest!  But I did glare at him for the parts I didn't like, har har har!  I really admire him for his honestly.  He does tell me when he doesn't like a thing and I do tell him the same.  I find myself lucky to have such a supportive husband and I thank the Universe everyday for him.  I hope you get to read all the posts as they are all quite interesting.  You can click on the link on DL's blog on the post below dated 21 Jan.

Now, about the title of this post....

Have you heard of the Crusaders over at Rach Writes?  I have and it's an exciting thing that Rachael Harrie and blogger friends did last year.  She's just given us the heads up on her blog - Rach Writes because they are doing it again this year!  Go and visit her blog to know more! :)

Basically, the Crusade is a way to link aspiring writers, beginner bloggers, industry people, and published authors together with the aim of helping to build our online platforms.

The Crusaders are all bloggers in a similar position, who genuinely want to pay it forward, make connections and friends within the writing community, and help build each others' online platforms while at the same time building theirs.

You might be interested, so come and join us!


Theresa Milstein said...

I'll go have a look. Thanks for linking!

Rachael Harrie said...

Hey Len, thanks for the shout-out!

Would love to have you on board my Crusade :)



Anonymous said...

I'll stop by and take a look. Thanks for the links and have a great weekend!

L'Aussie said...

Hey Len, I for one am pleased the Crusade is being picked up again. I'll pop over to Rachael's and have a look.

Your significant other entry was so lovely.

Denise :)

Old Kitty said...

Awww the Other Half blogfest was so sweet!! Awww!

Thanks for the link to Crusaders - sounds like a great community in the making!!! Take care

Jules said...

WOW, had not heard and will be popping over to check it out. Thanks :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

We should all be paying it forward!

Donna Hole said...

Thanks for the heads up.

I also read your significant other entry. Mr. JL had some very encouraging things to say about you as a wife, mother, and writer. I like the way he says he believes in you. Nicely written sentiments.


Kazzy said...

Sounds cool.

Len said...

Thanks, everybody! I'm looking forward to joining the Crusaders and doing the fun activities! I'm sure it's going to be awesome! :)

Happy Monday! :)

Ann said...

Thanks Len for the link. I will pop over and have a look.

Laura Weakley said...

The Black Queen's Bishop! I am an author too so thanks for the heads up!