Saturday, 14 June 2008

An Anti-Climax

I have just experienced a terrible anti-climax last night. Husband and I will not be going to the summer ball! What? You say to me. After all the time and effort...and the money that you have spent preparing for it, you are not going??? Yes, I am not. I don't know whose fault it is. My mind is not working at the moment. Husband received a text message from work asking him to report today and instead of texting back to say that he has specifically requested for a day off on Saturday, he insisted that he is going to work!!!

Yes, folks, I had to sit back and control myself last night and this morning!!!

What is this about, you say. Well, this is about the last two weeks that I was so excited getting ready for a summer ball that was supposed to be tonight. I was so excited that I spent all my lunch hours at work looking for the right top, the right dress, the right make-up, the right everything! Only to be told last night, at the last minute, that we were not going.

I went berserk. I felt like a bride listening to her groom saying that there won't be any wedding! For God's sake, what a hassle! How did I handle my anger? Terrible. Really terrible. I now feel like I am such a horrible person. My better half has a very good way of making you feel even worse after he's disappointed you. Instead of making amends, he ignored me and did not talk to me. Tell you what, if this wasn't just a ball, I would have left the house with a thought of not coming back! That's just how angry I am at the moment.

So, again, whilst I am at it, Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

The theme of the summer ball tonight was RED. I bought this red purse two weeks ago for the event.

The red shoes that I wouldn't be able to return to the shop because I just love 'em.

The make up that almost cost a fortune! Who wouldn't get absolutely mad???

So what do I do now? Sulk? No way! I'm going to Norwich to go shopping! Hmp!

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Syn said...

Did hubby agree to go into work to get OUT of going to the ball? Men!

My husband worked at a job where he never told them no. It was a lot of strain on the family.

You could go without him?? lol