Sunday, 22 June 2008


Mood: A lot lot lot better. Well-rested.

So guess what happened in between my posts??? There are things to woo-hoo about!

The kitchen got cleaned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! W00-hoo!!!
I feel a lot better today. My better half is trying to make it up by taking a day off from work yesterday and today. Also, I feel so happy because he just got a new job - he was offered two new jobs!!! In a week or so, he will be starting his nursing job again. Woo-hoo!!!

Also, we are getting the house ready for some friends who are coming - an old college friend Jemima and hubby who are coming from Canada and dear friends Karla and Ed from Dorset. There's going to be some life in the house - after two long years I will have some friends around!!! Another woo-hoo!!!

Today, I'm doing the laundry, yes I know it's boring telling you this. But at least I'm not drying them in the dryer - which I don't really like - but out in the sun!!! It rained hard last night but today it is dry, hopefully it lasts, but it is quite windy. Summer in England is not real summer so what do you expect? Don't get me wrong - I love it here! Woo-hoo!

Well, as it is too obvious that I am in one heaven of a good mood today, I better sign off and start living! Woo-hoo!


Gina said...

'Atta Girl!


Jenny said...

You can come clean my kitchen if you want. ;-)

Jenny said...

I added your site to my blogroll. Now don't you feel special?