Thursday, 19 June 2008

So little time...

Mood: Tired.

For some reason, I was extremely tired yesterday. I didn't know why. I was supposed to write some letters for the housing association, solicitor, etc., etc. (I am my better half's Executive Secretary) but I explained to hubby that I needed to rest early. At half past 9 at night, I was asleep. Very unusual for a night person like me who can watch 3 consecutive films in one night (I should have tried getting a job in the film industry...or a film review board perhaps???) or read a book until the wee hours of the morning. Tonight, I don't feel too bad. I feel kind of lazy but alright. I have the I-want-to-just-lay-down-for-a-bit-and-do-nothing kind of feeling. Sometimes I feel there is so much to do and work seems to go on forever and ever and ever, even when I get home. Dishes. Laundry. Hoovering. Paperwork. Cooking...err, I don't do much and the microwave does a lot of help...yes, I know microwaves are not always healthy but there you go.

Well, such is life. How do I deal with it? Simple. I don't do any of them. Look at my kitchen! I have the makings of a first-rate slob! Luckily, my husband doesn't complain - nor throw pillows around the room - thank God - when things don't get done. He tries to help me but most things I prefer to do myself. Don't ask me why, maybe it's a disorder of some sort.

A friend of mine, Anne, who is one of the busiest people I know, often tells me the things that she wants to do but cannot seem to have enough time to do them. I always hear myself telling her to slow down and give herself some credit for being a good Mum and being able to juggle all three jobs at the same time (Yes, three jobs! I cannot imagine it myself!)! But now look at me, feeling almost miserable not being able to do all these things I want to do at home and things that I want to get over and done with. Even the manuscript that I have started suddenly came to a stop and I cannot seem to get the Chapter 2 done - (Friend Wen, heeellllpp!!!) ***SIGH***

Well, we can only do so much. There is time for everything. A time to work and a time to do the dishes. A time to write and a time to do the laundry. But most of all, it's time for bed!

Ho-huuummm!!! Have a restful sleep tonight, dear friends!

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Ruthi said...

Maybe what you need is... a time to stop and smell the roses. Cheers. You are not alone.