Monday, 23 June 2008

The lady behind my wedding dress!

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I love weddings. It's probably because I'm a hopeless romantic. I just love the idea of getting married, looking at the eyes of your beloved, exchanging vows. I love seeing the happy tears, the glowing face of the bride, the happy tearful eyes of the groom. I know love doesn't end there and I know that it is only the beginning. But then, weddings are beautiful. Everybody is happy - unless it's a shotgun wedding, no! - but generally, weddings are lovely...they are full of love, joy, excitement. They are full of beautiful people. Everybody dresses up.

My wedding in 2005 was a simple one. But I loved it. I still love looking at the photographs and I always tell my better half that I want to do it all over again. I still feel the same after almost 3 years. I still want to marry the same man all over again.

But I'm getting derailed there. (Focus, Len, focus...) Today, something reminded me of my own wedding and my wedding dress. My wedding dress was a very simple dress made by my Ate Adora, a very very good friend of mine. She made all my long dresses when I needed them for my 'moonlighting' (Ooops - don't get me wrong there - I used to 'moonlight' as an emcee/presenter at wedding receptions and corporate events when I was in the Philippines, not that 'moonlight' you have got in mind, whatever that is...). The dresses that she made for me were all beautiful but my favourite was my wedding dress. It was a Maria Clara-inspired wedding top, matched by a long flowing white skirt. She made me a shawl made of pina-organza fabric with pearl beads along the edges. I was a little bit overweight (OK, OK, delete the 'a little bit' part, I was overweight!)when I got married but I felt beautiful in this dress.

Ate Adora did not see me in this dress because she wasn't able to come to my wedding. This is actually a long overdue entry - yes, 3 years and I wrote it only now ***sigh*** don't give me that look, I already know! This is to thank Ate Adora for making me feel so special and beautiful on my special day and for making so many brides beautiful by making them the most beautiful wedding gowns!

Ate Adors, this post is for you! You know what??? I think you are the next Monique Lhuillier!!! Kudos to you!

If you want to see more of Ate Adora's creations, please click here.

Note: None of the photos show my wedding dress but these are all works of Ate Adora. Unfortunately, there wasn't any good photograph of my dress. The ones that I have got are amateur shots, very amateur that they are not worth publishing. But maybe, just maybe, you will love the back view of it, here:


Jenny said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!! Amazing detail too. It's odd I read your blog today. My brother coming home from Iraq to get married this Saturday. But then he has to return to post in a few weeks. Doesn't make for much of a honeymoon. LOL

Ruthi said...

I love weddings too. I am a hopeless romantic also just like you. I have dreamed of weddings all my life and never been happier when it did come true to me last year (7-7-07 - we will celebrate our 1st year in a couple of weeks time). I had my wedding at the lighthouse. I never expected it though. I was just thinking of a wedding at my hubby's backyard but he did give me a nice one (at least for the photos' sake, hehehehe) I love those dresses. Wish I could make one someday. take care

Dins said...

hi! saw this link from Tita A. I agree with you, and besides her craft, she's a really nice person. and the only person I will entrust my wedding gown... =)

Ruby said...

... I like the first wedding dress, it's really nice :)...we'll check her out next time my daughter needs a party gown or dress...where's her shop?