Saturday, 28 June 2008

A relaxing 30-minute break!

Mood: Relaxed. At the end of this week, I was just exhausted. My neck was starting to hurt. Perhaps I knew that this was going to happen because a month ago I made an appointment at a treatment centre to get a relaxing neck and shoulder massage at lunch time. Hubby told me to be careful where I go for a massage. I argued that this was a professional treatment centre and was recommended by a good friend. I was right. I was wary though because the first time I had a treatment, it was right at the city centre and after the treatment, I heard some 'banging' noises from the next room. Call me dirty-minded but I could only surmise something going on in there that wasn't supposed to be going on! The Receptionist explained, after I asked what the noise was, that there was a gym in the building. I wasn't convinced and got worried so I did not go back since. Now I found another treatment centre where I feel more comfortable and at ease and I think that is the most important thing here. A 30-minute neck massage from a Therapist was what I needed! I felt so relaxed after that I wanted to go to sleep!!! But yes, it was only lunch time and I only had an hour to spare and needed to zoom back to work...*BIG SIGH* I used to think that splurging on things like a back or foot massage or a facial or anything to make me feel better is not practical. I always thought it was wasting money. Back home, the only luxury I had for myself every end of the month was a manicure! But last year, when the muscles on my neck and my back started to really get tensed and the Nurse Practitioner told me that I need to treat myself sometimes, I started to think that perhaps a treatment might help. So I did it a few months ago and thought that perhaps I could do it again. I feel better! I guess with all the hardwork we do for ourselves and the people we love, we deserve to treat ourselves with something like this to relax us. After all, what is money for? We work hard for it, don't we?

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